Micro loan on the map. How To Get Credit Fast. All about term loans in Ukraine

Due to the development of modern means of automated information processing and communication (computers and computer programs, Internet, mobile communication), the segment of so-called consumer term loans , also called micro-credit, has started to develop rapidly in the banking sector.

With the help of modern banking online services, you can get a small online cash loan (such as a micro- credit card ) with a simplified procedure and very quickly, in just a few minutes. But everything is in order.

Who provides micro-credit services?


To date, a small- term fixed-term loan can be obtained both in “old” financial institutions, such as classic pawnshops and network banks, as well as newcomers who specialize in being called micro-financial institutions, or abbreviated as MFIs.

Of these, only pawnshops continue to operate in the old way (the specifics are), but MFIs, and behind them, and network banks are rapidly advancing the convenience of providing microcredit services. It is here that you can get a bank loan quickly , in minutes, by transferring micro-loans to a card of any Ukrainian bank.

Available term loan rates


On the whole, term micro-loans, which can be obtained very quickly at a bank or MFIs, are not so “micro” and can significantly exceed the average wage of the majority of employees in Ukraine. Thus, they perform their main function of “intercept to pay” in full, even with margin.

Thus, in MFIs it is possible with the most minimal efforts and in the shortest possible time to obtain a micro-credit worth up to 20 thousand hryvnias (an average of 10 – 15 thousand hryvnias). In online banks, the procedure for issuing fixed-term loans is somewhat stricter and longer, but the amount of microcredit can be more solid there – up to 50 thousand hryvnias (an average of 20 – 30 thousand hryvnias).

How fast can you get a micro-loan on a bank card ?


The absolute speed record for providing emergency loans from microloans enrollment is at stake MFIs. Thanks to the modern electronic services on their websites, the simplest procedures for applying for a loan and applying for a loan, getting a term loan from specialized MFIs is quite real (including the receipt of credit money on a bank card) in a few tens of minutes, with an average of half an hour.

Modern network banks have also noticed the benefits of fast micro-credit when customers go where services are provided as conveniently and quickly as possible. To get a micro-loan at a bank, you can also go to the bank, where the bank clerk will take over all the basic work on its design. This is usually the case for older people who have a poor knowledge of the latest internet technologies and online services without trusting them completely. But for young people, many online banks, like MFIs, are also starting to develop online micro-credit services by introducing specialized services on their websites.