Is Lending Over The Internet Safe? – Credit or Debit

The bills need to be paid and you do not have enough money. A loan may seem like the only option to get out of the crisis. In the internet world, loan offers still populate throughout the network, ensuring features without credit check, easy money, attractive interest loans. Better to be careful: getting a loan over the internet is a big risk.

I want to make loan through the internet: the safe forms

Consolidated, trusted banks and financial institutions offer loans and financing through the internet. To make the application to this type of loan or financing, you have to access the official website of the financial institution, make sure the site starts with “https” and appears the symbol of a lock in the address bar of the browser, showing that the browser connection is secure and encrypted, and after making your application for the loan, go to a physical agency of the bank or financial institution to confirm your loan or financing.

Another safe way is by using your bank’s internet banking. Most of them offer pre-approved personal credit lines and multi-purpose financing with funds that fall directly into your bank account and without the need to go to the bank to sign a contract, except in the case of real estate and vehicle financing .

These are the only two situations where online loan is safe. In the first option, you will have to go to the bank or financial institution anyway, which makes it a better (and safer) option to just look at the loan conditions on the website and go to the bank to close the deal. In the second, more practical, and that involves internet banking, you have already been to the bank and have your limits preapproved. You may have to visit again just to update your registration information, but it is not always necessary.

Any other way to get loan over the internet is unsafe, and in the vast majority of times it is a scam. Let’s talk about them.


An internet loan is full of risks that a face loan does not have. Be very careful. (Photo:


Secure and fast internet loan: blow to the eye!

Secure and fast internet loan: blow to the eye!


Getting a loan or financing MUST require a minimum of paperwork. This procedure is NOT to be easy and quick. Because? Let us understand.

When giving money to someone, a bank or financial institution takes on costs and risks. Costs may involve paying employees, renting machines and computers, buildings, websites, etc. Already the risks involve the economic situation of the country, the financial condition of the clients, the possibility of that customer becoming defaulter, etc. Both costs and risks are passed on to customers in the form of interest on the given loan. Do you understand this far? Great.

To manage risk and ensure a minimum of security, especially that the customer will be able to pay the installments of the financing or loan, the bank or financial institution will spend a fine comb on some financial information such as proof of income, credit history , verify that the customer’s name is cleaned in SERASA and SPC, etc. After this verification, the loan can then be passed on to a client. This usually takes between 7 and 15 business days to be done accurately and safely by reputed financial institutions.

A company that makes few demands on a customer has two options: either it will charge very high interest to offset the risks or it will apply some kind of blow to the customer. There is no other option. There is nowhere in the world a company that offers easy loans without high interest rates. If it is a payroll loan, that is fine, but this is already another type of loan and you should NEVER get a paycheck loan online, unless it is through your bank’s internet banking.

Protect yourself from internet lending

Online loan offerings, especially for retirees and payroll loans, have become an increasingly common type of scam. Some red signals make the blow even clearer.

If you are asked to pay money to get the loan, it is certainly a scam.

If you are asked to send money or put money on a prepaid card before you can get a loan, it is a scam.

Online loan scammers will ask for data from your bank account. Never give any personal information or your bank accounts to any people online. Just because an online institution or bank seems legitimate does not mean it is.

You can negotiate the terms of a loan online, without giving personal information, and then visit a physical unit of the institution to close the deal.


Beware of loan scams!

Never despair of money. It is precisely the desperation that will make you make mistakes and that will lead you to fall in blows, and that will take you to more and more debts. Leave your bank ready for a pre-approved credit line for these emergencies, and you reduce the risks considerably, as well as reduce the interest you will have to pay. This is part of any financial planning, and should be an important lesson to carry throughout your life.

Have you taken an online loan? How was it? Did you have any problem?