Drums are a type of instrument made only for the most diligent, hardworking and patient ones among us. Hopefully, you have come to realize that in the first few times you have taken up the instrument, and by now you have figured out if learning to play drums is the right choice of instrument for you. Today, we will be telling you about the common rookie mistakes that many aspiring drummers make – and how to overcome them.

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Comparing your progress to that of other people

In other words, spending hours looking at videos of experienced drummers or even professional drummers, beating yourself up about your own progress and wondering when you will be that good. If you ever embark on this self-pity train, just drop it.

Just like everything else, becoming good at playing drums is a learning journey with plenty of twists and turns; more importantly, everyone’s learning journey is unique. By comparing yourself to others or setting the bar too high (expecting to sound like a professional after only a few months’ learning), you are doing nothing but ruining your motivation and making the experience of playing drums boring and discouraging. Don’t worry, you’ll get there!

Not practicing enough                                                                                                            

This is, ironically, especially the case with those of you who tend to drool over professional players and beat themselves up. If you are spending more time looking at other people’s videos and lessons than practicing, you are doing something wrong.

Like we said in the beginning, learning how to play the drums requires patience and diligence. Stay focused throughout your practice and do your best to organize it well so that all aspects of playing are covered and you work on all your skills equally.


Holding your sticks wrong

This is more of a technical rookie mistake. Many aspiring drummers, especially those that are self-taught, neglect the importance of holding your sticks somewhere along the middle of the shaft at all times. Make sure to “check-in on yourself” every once in a while and see where your sticks are.

By holding the sticks too high up or too low down, you will just make your music sound worse (we want the sticks to bounce off perfectly!) and possibly hurt yourself. After a while, holding them properly will be second-nature to you and you won’t even have to think about it.

Not warming up before extensive playing

This is another technical mistake which can have devastating consequences. Playing the drums is a physical exercise, and as such, it always requires warming up so that your muscles are ready and your body is relaxed. If you delve straight into full-blown playing without doing some introductory exercises (e.g. rudiments or sticks), you are putting yourself at a risk of injuring your back and shoulders. Warm-up is key!


Never learning to read drum notation

Yes, we know that you probably never want to play in an orchestra. Nevertheless, neglecting drum notations will leave you short in many aspects. Drum notations are a big part of the music, and you don’t want to think of yourself as a half-musician do you? We know it’s hard, but you just have to power through. Diligence, remember?

How many of the mentioned rookie mistakes did you make when you were beginning your drum learning journey? Can you think of any more common mistakes? We’ll be happy to hear your opinion in the Comment Section below!



Ever since the penetration of smartphones into our daily life, we have come to rely on apps for everything. An app to find you the nearest restaurants, an app to help you translate into different languages, an app to store recipes and to-do lists… So why not use the power of smartphone apps to aid you in learning how to play drums? We have rounded up five of the best apps for Android and iOS that you should make sure to install during your drum learning journey!

Apple – iOS

Iphone 5 with the new IOS 7
Iphone 5 with the new IOS 7
  1. i808 Drum Machine

    This app actually features an old-school hip-hop beat machine, and thus is not the most conventional approach to learning drums. However, we have chosen it because it gives you a great opportunity to play around with different sounds and beats that you can then try to reproduce on your own drum set.
  2. Drums Free with Beats 

    A fun, game-like app that presents you with a virtual drum is a great way to pass the time while not forgetting about your drum learning obligations! According to the reviews, it is fun while also being educational.

  3. Learn Drum Skills 

    Probably the most educational app from the entire round-up, its steep price of $13.99 proves the immense work and resources that the app includes. A great choice for those who are really serious about learning to play drums.

  4. Drum School 

    Another somewhat more resourceful app that is available at the price of $5.99.It promises to provide useful material for all drummers, regardless of their knowledge.

  5. Drum Guru 

    With video lessons from a variety of professional drummers, this app is sure to be an interesting but enlightening experience for all aspiring drummers. Once again, make sure to purchase it if you are serious about learning how to play the drums.




  1. Free Drum Lessons – IDT 

    Introducing a revolutionary technique in learning how to play drums, the app promises to teach you to relax during playing and to learn to play the drums in a flowing, natural manner.

  2. Adictum Drum Lessons 

    An Android alternative to Learn Drum Skills, this is one of the most serious apps out there when it comes to learning how to play drums. With over fifty lessons for you to watch and complete, this app will certainly take some time to finish.

  3. Purely Drums 

    One of the most interactive drum learning apps available, it can not only provide lessons and over a 100 play-along tunes for you to learn with but also it can listen to you playing via your phone/tablet microphone and help you track your real-time progress. Revolutionary!

  4. Drum Lessons Academy Mag 

    With a line-up of video lessons for you to learn from, this is one of the best free drum learning apps out there. It may be a good starting point before you set out on spending money on more expensive, professional apps such as the Adictum Drum Lessons app.

  5. Drum Lessons for Beginners 

    For all of you who are lazy and cannot be bothered to always look for new lessons that are appropriate to your progress, this is probably the ultimate drum learning app. It is subscription-based, and each month it provides you with a month’s worth of video lessons all aimed at improving a specific area of your drum playing skills.


What is your experience with learning to play drums using apps? Are you more of an old-fashion, real-life lesson kind of person? Share your thoughts with us in the Comment Section below.

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No matter what you set out to do in life, beginning is always the hardest part. When it comes to learning how to play drums, this is especially the case, since the online world is overflowing with resources that claim that they will teach you for free. Unfortunately, you will often find that not all of these websites are genuine. Many offering free lessons for learning how to play the drums end up requiring payment. For this reason, we have gathered for you five of the best online resource s for learning how to play drums that charge you nothing. Enjoy!

  1. Virtual DrummingmaxresdefaultWith a sleek, modern-looking interface, and the addition of having a virtual drum-set following you throughout your lessons, this online resource for learning how to play drums makes it to the top of our list. This website provides lessons for drummers of all knowledge levels but is especially suited for beginners. It is easy to navigate, and we can safely call it the best resource out there for free drum-learning lessons. On top of that, they also offer a Virtual Drum set that you can download from both Google Play and the Apple App Store to practice your drumming on the go!
  2. Free Drum Lessonsmzl.hjwantzdAlthough lacking the ultra-sleek design of Virtual Drumming, this website is nevertheless a goldmine of free drum learning lessons. Conveniently categorized into different areas of learning to play drums (such as drum theory, drum rudiments, beginner drum lessons, etc.), this website makes it easy for you to pick and choose what you want to learn and to improve the areas that you know you are lacking in. Finally, they also feature a free 10-lesson starter pack for learning to play drums, which is extremely convenient for ultimate beginners.
  3. Drum LessonsDrum-LessonsSimilar to the website mentioned above, Drum Lessons is conveniently organized into knowledge levels, so the categories are fundamental, beginner, intermediate and advanced. In general, there is not a great difference between the two websites, although it may be said that Free Drum Lessons has a slightly better design. When it comes to the lessons themselves, it can easily be said that they are equally good resources for online learning of how to play drums.
  4. Drum Bumcropped-custom-headerDrum Bum is an extremely resourceful yet somewhat complicated website that offers you so much that you will probably spend days just discovering all the things they have to offer. One of the most interesting aspects of this website is definitely the lessons for different music styles, so Drum Bum offers lessons in tango, Latino, jazz, bossanova and many other types of drumming styles.
  5. YouTubeyoutube-logo-name-1920Of course, if you feel a bit more adventurous, you can always have a look at the various tutorials and instructional videos featured on YouTube. There are many channels, but we generally recommend this option to drummers with a bit more knowledge who are looking to learn specific songs to play.

If you are a beginner looking for ways of learning to play drums online, we hope that this list has helped in making you feel a little bit less clueless.
Did you try out any of the websites mentioned in our list? Do you have any that you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the Comment Section below.